All J.R.Burd products are made with the finest U.S. tanned leather available. We use both cow and horse-hide from Horween and Hermann Oak, two companies that have been producing leather for well over 100 years. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-sewn, and hand-finished, resulting in a durable product that will wear in instead of wear out.


5-Pocket Wallet - $85

For people who appreciate a new take on an old standard.

This works as a perfect everyday-carry wallet.

It fits 12-15 cards plus some cash, while staying small enough to give you the option of carrying it in the front pocket.



Explorer's Wallet - $105

For the old-school note taker.

A perfect companion for exploring city streets, dense forests, or new ideas. 

Fits 8-10 cards plus some cash, receipts, or scrap paper. The right side fits a passport or any notebook up to 3.5 x 5.5 inches. 



Snap Wallet - $75

For people on the run.

The added key ring hole makes this perfect for people who like to keep their wallet and keys together, so you can just grab it and go.
The snap keeps your cards and money safe when the wallet is out of your pocket or bag. The small size means it works great as a front pocket wallet too.

Holds up to 10 cards, or 4-6 plus some cash. 

Key Clip - $35

For people with keys!

A simple, straight forward design, highlighting the beauty of leather and brass.
Made from 9 oz Horween vegetable tanned leather and solid brass hardware, both of which will patina beautifully over time. 

Minimilist's Belt - $65

For people who wear pants.

Like the Key Clip, this is a simple design, highlighting the materials.
8-10 oz Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather will patina over time into a beautiful caramel color, turning the belt into a piece that             wears its age with character. Or go with Hermann Oaks Bridle leather, with a beatiful reddish brown color for a little something different. Available stitched or with snaps, if you'd like the option to switch the buckle out. 
The buckle options are based on what I have at the time, so feel free to email me for the current selection.